Michael Jordan: Was He The Greatest Basketball Player Ever?

mjPossibly the greatest NBA players of all time, Michael Jordan has won six championships, had a highly praised defensive ability, won five NBA Most Valuable Player trophies, ten scoring titles. He has a highly marketed label that has ascended to international fame. He is definitely a household name. But how did he get there?

Early Life

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York on 17th February 1963, son of Deloris and James R. Jordan. He was born the fourth in a family of five children. He got two brothers and two sisters.

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Understanding The Top 4 Most Essential Drills to Improving Your Basketball Skills

driving the laneMany people love basketball because it is so fast-paced and exciting to watch. To make the most out of your abilities, you have to learn all aspects involved in the game and strive to improve. Shooting is the most crucial drill that you need to master. Good shooter play and the better your shot, the more playing time you will get.

Basketball is a great sport in the world, and you can find resources all over the Internet on how to improve the game. The problem is that most of the tips found online are sometimes misguided, disorganized or confusing. This guide presents simple and structured tips and tricks to help push your game to another level.

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What You Need To Know About Basketball Leagues in the United States of America

kids playing basketballYou may probably have heard of this sport called basketball. But what is basketball? It is a kind of game played by two teams, each team having five members, with players trying to score by shooting a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court. This game is played on a rectangular field referred to as the court.

To be a better player, you need to participate in a lot of physical drills. Just like one feels short of breathe when in a room without sufficient air conditioning, that’s the same you would feel if you attempt to play the game without the required levels of fitness. Basketball originated in America, invented by James Naismith as a college sport. It thus established quickly in colleges in America and then spread throughout the world. This led to the advent of Basketball leagues to make it professional and engaging.

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Basketball for Women – History & Development, Organization, Rules and Leagues

driving the laneJust like the men’s basketball, women have had their fair share when it comes to playing basketball under professional levels. For a kid or a young lady trying to learn the sport, it is important to learn theoretical part before indulging in the practical part. With the many advancements in the sport, we can conclude that the sport is important to women as it is to men. Here is an overview of the history, development, structure, rules and the major leagues in the women’s basketball.

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The Best 8 Basketball Players in 2016

jamesIt is the dream of every kid starting up playing basketball to emulate and reach the levels of the most reputable, professional and inspirational basketball players. On the side of the coaches, the decision to pick a professional player over the next is always never easy. To decide the best player for the team, they have to consider the player’s statistics such as the awards worn, and his career averages, his overall points, average rebounds per game, average assists per game and average steals.

To get a reasonable list of the top 8 best basketball players is not easy either, and can be a matter of debate, based on the very many good players we currently have. Below is a list of the top basketball players in the United States, 2016.

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5 Basketball Player Positions You Should Know

basketball positionsThe game of basketball is a five player team sport – that is two teams playing against each other with each team having five players. The game was invented in the United States at Springfield College. It is probably amongst the top favorite games in America and even the world as it has spread worldwide. Just like any other sport, basketball has rules governing the players on the court. Each player of basketball has a particular position and responsibilities. For someone to understand the basketball game it is inevitable for them not to understand the below player positions;

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Developmental History of Basketball

the hoopBased on the fact that most outdoor games were prone to injury and that they could not be played during winter, Dr. Luther Gulick – the director of Physical Education at Springfield College as it is currently known – asked Dr. James Naismith who was teaching Physical Education at the college, to come up with a new game students could play indoors. Winter was quickly approaching, and Dr. Naismith was given two weeks to come up with the game.

The game was intended to keep the young men of the college occupied during winter by giving them an ‘athletic distraction’ hence keeping them physically fit. The game was also designed to ensure less physical contact amongst the players so as to minimize or completely avoid injuries as they played.

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The Basic Basketball Rules and Court Layout

lay upThe rules of playing basketball are relatively straightforward. However, for amateurs and young players, these rules can easily be forgotten. Basketball is a fantastic team sport, which involves two teams of 5 players each who try to score by the act of shooting a ball through a hoop, elevated 10 feet above the ground. On a professional level, the team is composed of 5 players on the court and five players sitting on the bench, who are ready to be used as substitutes.

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